Moving is sick and twisted.  9 times in the last 3 ½ years!  This one was both the easiest and the hardest move of the 9.  Easiest because I have learned a few tricks such as packing a little bit at a time in the two weeks leading up to the move.  Hardest because it was a 1350 mile drive in a moving truck.  We broke apart the drive into an 11-hr day and a 13-hr day.  Once we arrived to our new home, Hamtramck (which is bordered by Detroit on all sides), I went hulk on the moving truck for about another 2 hours as I attempted to move as much as possible into our apartment before nightfall.  I was dripping sweat from a completely soaked shirt.  Colorado, being as humid as it is, didn’t afford me the opportunity to show off my sweating skills but humid Michigan sure will… Gotta learn how to sweat again.

The first few days in our new home have been fine; unpacking and the typical having to find a home within the home for all the random crap that we have accrued over the last year.  It took a few days to get the electricity turned on (first world problems) so we ran extension cords up to our apartment from my parent’s below us.  Low and behold I was only unemployed for 8 days; I start a new job this Monday!  It’s crazy to see how well things work out sometimes and how snotty I can be about the little stuff.  Today Jenna and I are going to go exploring in the city, checking out new places and spaces and then tomorrow we are going to check out a church.  We are still riding high on the optimism, will write again soon.


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