It just happened again.


Like 4 years ago happened again.  Uprooted, replanted.


This time it is me and my wife.  Correction.   Pregnant wife.  Uprooted.


My perspective is changed, and a fire is definitely lit under my butt.  Gotta get a job, make some cash, pay some bills, have a baby, be a dad, be a man.  Replanted.


Uprooting myself is a little different this time.  The location is actually a bit more enticing (North Dakota in winter vs. Detroit in late summer – I’m takin Detroit hands down).  Though different, I can’t help but attribute my motives, once again, to God.  I am downright foolish if God does not exist, straight up stupid, and flat out ignorant to think it might be a hint of a good idea to move to a crap job market, dilapidated city of a 313 area code reppin where I might struggle to provide for my family and hate the scenery too.  Uprooted.


All this to say, I am jubilant.  Ready to be a father, ready to embrace a new city, ready to form relationships with people that will be formative in my family’s life for years to come, and ready to build.  Jenna asked me, “Josh, what are we going to do?”  As if we were going to have problems finding activity.  I said, “What do you mean?  We get to start our family, I get to find a job, buy a broken down house and restore it to something beautiful, we get to teach our kids about God and life, have the neighbor kids over as we play cartoons on a yet-to-be purchased projector, invite the guys over to watch the Cowboys beat the Lions, build a home weight room in the basement so that I can lift mad weights with dudes, invest in a Church, feed families at our dinner table, coach my kids sports teams, start a community garden in our yard!  Girl, we get to live life.”  How sweet?  How awesome?  How amazing is it that I have been given the potential energy in life to dream?  Dreams don’t have the rocks and the cracks, and I know that they will be sprinkled in, but why do I have to think about that now?  Replanted.


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