Life Long Learner

The posture of a true learner is humility.  How can one possibly learn what one already claims to know?  Admitting the lack of knowledge in a particular area is the initial necessary step to being a true student.  What gets me extremely excited about life is that there are many, many things that I do not know.  How boring would it be to live in an existence where all is known?  No, how terrible would it be?  All incredible mysteries that occur in life would cease to exist.  Everyone would always be right and so everyone would be the most arrogant possible version of themselves.  Parents would father and mother children that needed no father or mother.  Reading would be pointless.  Would there even be a need for language or any type of communication?  I have an endless amount of questions about this hypothetical world.  And I don’t need them answered to know that I hate that hypothetical world.

Anxious first work day that I always wish I didn’t have to trudge through.  I love it.  Different kinds of people that have totally different cultural experiences than I.  Get to know them.  Working with tools that I never knew existed.  Teach me.  About to be a first time father.  I want to be the best one I can become.  Who God is.

I want to be a life long learner.


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