Ideas have Consequences

Nebulous concepts drive my desire for knowledge.

Ideas have consequences and though people are human and deserving of equal human rights it would be silly to say that every human has an inherent right that equally gives a voice to be right about something.

Wisdom is the crucial currency that must be the criteria to the correctness of concepts and ideas.  One should not ask whether or not a concept is correct for a particular human because not all humans have equal wisdom and thus would not all make the most correct, or morally good, decision.  The truest source of wisdom must be sought and acquired in order to frame the truth of the matter.

I am not expressing a need for an elitist brain trust of wise humans to control all of humanity’s governments, ideas, and vision.  That would be ludicrous; in light of world history which is littered with brilliant yet malicious leaders one would only have to point to a Hitler or Stalin to remove the foundation of such an idea.  Humanity is flawed and will continue to decay in its current state and though not every human is Hitler, no human can stem the tide of evil that so corrupts our planet.

Can there be something that originates in the minds of men that is truly wise?  Does a hope exist for an existence of perfection or am I fancifully dreaming of Eden?  Think man and woman!  Wonder at existence itself and drive yourself mad with the invincible scientific method; the arrogant religion of academia.  Find me purpose more purposeful than wondering how cool I look letting my emotions run my soul.  Give me an end that looks better than 1987 – 2064.  2064 might be pretty dang cool but I’ll be too old to learn anything new.

Get my life drunk on fantasy, ecstasy, and a hope that doesn’t exist so I can just numb my meandering mind until I am put in the dirt?  Why is death bad and gravesides so covered with tears?  Are my emotions so simple as the cowering face of a misbehaved dog?

Maybe we could get our heads out of our asses, take a breath of air (which just so happens to be breathable) and actually get to working out the purpose that we have as humanity.

Revise.  The purpose of humanity drives my desire for knowledge.  So far, the Bible’s drink has been the richest.


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