21° … a shifting perspective of a noob husband and a soon-to-be father

94° yesterday… 73° today.  Those 21° sure do make a huge difference in the weather; one day a sweltering, sweaty mess and the other a pleasantly warm and cool stroll in the park.  Given the choice (as if I control the weather) between the two I’d take the 73° day every day.  The windows of my apartment are open, I can hear the birds, the sun is shining through a partly cloudy yet blue sky, and my feet are propped up as I sit on my plush couch imbibing my French press.  Contrasting the weather scenes of the last two days gives me opportunity to contrast my last two work weeks; the first was the 94° day and this past week was the 73° day. 

I worked 70 hours for my first week of employment manufacturing carbon-fiber parts for a variety of uses.  The overtime pay was fantastic, yet I was exhausted all week and I found myself loving my bed more than loving my wife; coming home just to shower and fall asleep.  I am not averse to hard work and long hours; I used to work for 28 days straight and 13 hours a day in the oilfield in North Dakota, I went to school full time while waiting tables 5 days a week, I took 21 credit hours concurrently with playing college football and performing petty military requirements, I am getting my master’s degree in Theology while being newly married while working full time, etc.  Being disciplined and a hard working individual are things that I value.  Why did I hate the 70 hour work week so much when there have been many times in my life when I have worked longer and harder?  Am I becoming slothful and lazy? 

Marriage changes much, and if it doesn’t then you probably shouldn’t have got hitched.  My wife Jenna is awesome to be around and I want to maneuver my time in such a way that takes advantage of the quality time that we both desire from each other.  October 10th is the due date for our first child and the closer that the date arrives the greater my desire to be a father grows, and I want to be a good one.  I desire to put myself in the best possible situation to love my family that I can; and I know for absolute certainty that working for 70 hours a week is not that situation. 

I’m not here to apologize for the “1st world problem” of having the option to work less and barely providing for my family vs. working more and providing amply for my family.  I just want to be the best steward of the resources that God has given me; and with both family and money requiring time to flourish (in most cases) I have decided to choose family at the expense of money.       

I only worked 40 hours this week, and I probably could have pushed that to 50 with the same benefits, which afforded me much more opportunity to spend quality time with my wife.  This week has been the 73° day and I’ll take it every day please.        


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